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Traditional Chinese Crafts, Art & Gifts

Chinese crafts and traditional Chinese art have captivated Western culture and collectors for centuries and have always been highly treasured, collected and welcome as gifts. is proud to bring you beautiful Chinese crafts, Chinese wall art, artwork, folk art and Chinese gifts at affordable prices.

China has been long renowned for it's stunning works of beautiful ancient Chinese artwork and Chinese crafts. Chinese crafts are always enjoyed as gifts and are an important and popular part of the culture. From exquisite Chinese wall art, Chinese folk art and more traditional Chinese crafts, the incredible beauty created by the artisans make Chinese gifts most welcome.

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About Chinese Crafts & Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for your friends, family or business associates? Whether you are looking for wall art for your house, a hand carved jade necklace for that special lady, or a beautiful opera mask as a gift for a friend, we are the only shop you will need. We specialize in the Chinese crafts such as calligraphy, embroidery, hand cut jade, stone and wood carving, opera masks and paintings. You will find great Chinese crafts and gift ideas such as amulets, dinnerware, office and study gifts, paper cutting, shadow puppets, National Minority Arts and Strange Stone.

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Buying Chinese Crafts, Gifts & Artwork

Doing business with takes the guess work out of shopping for Chinese crafts and artwork. We are based in the city of Shanghai. We are located near our artists and we have direct input in the quality control process. You will always receive the highest quality Chinese crafts from our shops. Our partnership with the local artisans ensures that you pay the lowest possible price and that the artist receives fair compensation for their trade. Because we advocate for the artists, you will never deal with a third party located outside of China.

If you are a Chinese giftsshop owner or an internet retailer of chinese crafts, we have wholesale partnerships for all of your business needs. Please use our contact page to tell us how we can provide you with wholesale solutions. Let us know what you need in Chinese crafts, artwork, or gifts and our knowledgeable, international sales manager will be in touch with you promptly.

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