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Four Treasures of The Study

Chinese calligraphy is known worldwide for its beautiful art form and a relaxing hobby.  To get started with Chinese calligraphy as a hobby, some basic tools are needed. They are the ink brush, ink stick, ink stone, and calligraphy paper. Collectively they are known as the Four Treasures of the Study.

Brush heads are most often made from the hair of goats, weasel, and wolf. These natural fibers have the desired properties for calligraphy. Synthetic brush heads are not used.

Four Treasures of The Study
The inkstick is most commonly made from pine soot. This soot is mixed with a natural glue binder and compressed into ink sticks. The ink stone is used to grind the ink stick into fine powder to mix with water. Chinese calligraphy is written on Xuan paper which is made from Bamboo, Mulberry, or Rice. Xuan paper is used because of its ability to give the artist a pure clean stroke, its tensile strength, and its resistance to creasing, moths, and mold. Typing paper is not used. is proud to present you with the best and most popular Four Treasures of the Study found in China. The items that we sell are the same ones used by the artists we represent. If you have any questions regarding the items listed or their use, please visit our contact page.

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