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Chinese National Minority Arts

China has recognized over 56 national minority groups. These groups are generally are geo-localized, meaning they are found in certain counties, towns, or bound by geographical boundaries such as mountains, rivers, and valleys. While these national minority groups are Chinese by nationality, their cultural beliefs and values can be far different than mainstream China.

Chinese national minority arts are China’s equivalent to folk arts in the United States.

Chinese Opera Mask
Each area has its own arts, crafts, culture, and music. For many of these national minority groups, is the only merchant that sells their arts and crafts to Western countries. Because of their diverse cultures and limited production, it would be impossible to describe every piece. Generally speaking, national minority arts and crafts consist of blankets, clothing, bamboo jewelry, pottery, and other art work. Please take a look at the arts and crafts we offer. Each purchase made from this category directly supports these small Chinese national minorities.

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