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Thank you for visiting We have been expanding rapidly since the opening of our online store. Our close partnership with the artists we represent allows us to be the best online retailer of fine Chinese art and gifts.

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Our main objective is twofold. We are here to help our artists earn a fair wage by exhibiting their arts and gifts through exhibition and our online store. Additionally, throughout our site we provide history and detailed information about the Chinese art and gifts you are browsing. As you learn about the Chinese art and gifts, your understanding and appreciation will grow.

The background of

Since its inception, has strived to be the best online retailer of Chinese arts, crafts, and gifts. Our headquarters are in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Because of how closely we work with the artists, replies to your correspondence may come from cities in China other that Shanghai. Due to language and time zone differences, you may be contacted by customer care representatives in North America during normal U.S. business hours.

Doing business with

The majority of our art and gifts can be found online. Because our art and gifts are hand made or hand assembled, there might be slight variances in each item. Since we work so closely with the artists, we can assure you that the item you buy will be the item you receive.

We are happy to provide retailers world wide with wholesale prices. Because our art and gifts are hand made or hand assembled, not every item will be available in wholesale quantities. Please use the contact page to inquire about minimum wholesale quantities and pricing.

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We will continue to build the bridge between the East and West in the arts and crafts industry. We aim to become the most professional source of information with huge numbers of articles on Asian culture. We have plans to include information on Asian regions other than China. Please bookmark our site and visit regularly. To receive updates by email, please use the contact form to be placed on our newsletter list.

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