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Chinese Strange Stone

Chinese strange stone is also called Chinese scholar rock, Chinese viewing stone, and gongshi. Chinese strange stones are naturally occurring rocks found in China. Chinese scholar rocks are often placed in traditional viewing gardens. Lingbi rocks are the most sought after Chinese viewing stones. These stones date back to the Ming and Song dynasties. Another prized Chinese scholar rock is the Taihu rocks. Taihu rocks are commonly used as garden stones.

Strange Stone
Chinese strange stones are rocks and rock formations that are all natural without any carvings at all. Strange stones can be found in all colors. The most sought after strange stones have beautiful contrasting colors. While all colors of viewing stones can be found, many people prefer plain viewing stones with natural markings.

People appreciate Chinese scholar stones for their visual beauty, and also for what the stones make them think of. Viewing stones might make some people feel spiritual, and might make other people remember a very old memory. Each stone is different for each person. If you are looking for a special meditation piece, we offer one of a kind natural Chinese scholar stone. Because these are all natural, our gallery will change often. If you are looking for a stone with specific properties, please use our contact page to let us know what you are looking for. Include which colors, shape, size, and weight you desire. We will search the local markets find you the perfect viewing stone.

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